Desktop Wallpapers

I maintain a special collection of desktop wallpapers. I find wallpapers I like, and I edit them to remove all text and artist signatures. I also often paint out certain elements, make slight modifications, or change some colours. The result is a unique collection of SFW sanitized wallpapers for you to enjoy.

New wallpapers are added every month or two, and I go through and remove old ones I no longer like every six to twelve months. I host the collection using Microsoft OneDrive, so you can subscribe and recieve all the updates automatically, or you can just browse the collection and download the ones you like.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: I don't know the artists, and I have not recieved permission to modify the files or remove artist signatures. If you are the creator of a wallpaper in my collection, please contact me if you would like to be credited on this page, or if you would like your artwork to be removed from this collection.

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