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05 Sep 2016 - by: Jamie

I'm not sure how many people have been following my various projects, but here's an update regardless :grin: Website Do-Over:
FINISHED! But I talked about that in yesterday's blog post. This does mean, though, that I have more time for other mischief!

How Now Brown Cow:
The website is completely finished, and now I just have to make some chocolate milk reviews! I also have a fantastic recipe for the best chocolate milk you have ever tasted, so stay tuned at

Adventure Sudoku! I have slowly been taking Unity3D courses. It's slow going, but I very much want to see this game completed. With my website finished, this is now the top priority among my personal projects. I've posted the artwork up on Cartrdge, which is a nice proper place for such things!

Edit: Factory Reset:
Since I posted this a couple of days ago, I have added Factory Reset here. I made a separate blog post about it here. Factory Reset is an event management website for gamers. Right now it's a personal app for my own local gaming group, but I want to make it into a full-fledged service where anyone can create an account for their gaming group. This project will share top priority with SudoKun.

Anujun's Garden:
This was going to be a novel, but the heavy use of music in the story didn't translate to prose very well. However, I've been re-writing it as an audio play (in a series of episodes), and this format is a lot more promising. I've seen audio plays make a come-back recently, so once the first episode is written, I might send it out to some producers. You never know!

Ripleys in Spacetime:
I haven't had much energy for my music lately. I started a new job a month ago, so I'm finally getting settled in there, but I'm now preparing to start school at BCIT in January. I'll post on the @dax_ripley Twitter account if I go to any open mics, but new songs for the album are probably going to come slowly. This is a longer-term project.

There you have it. Follow me on Twitter at @starbuckbeak for the regular mini-updates, anecdotes, and shitposts :kissing_heart:

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