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07 Sep 2016 - by: Jamie

Factory Reset is a web app I made a couple of years ago for our tabletop gaming group. We weren't satisfied with existing event managers like meetup.com, which cost a lot of money to run.

Factory Reset has all the features of meetup - you can create and edit events, provide directions, and allows users to RSVP to receive text message and email reminders, as well as get access to the event discussion. It also has features specifically for gaming groups. For example, when you create an event, you can provide the name of the game you're playing, as well as the name of the session; so if you are DMing a tabletop game, your event can say "Pathfinder on September 30th", with the subtitle "Rise of the Runelords: Session 6". You can also make generic events like "Game Night on October 1st" with "Misc. Board Games". It also has fun graphic features, like a customizable list of greetings that are shown at random to greet you on your page. We filled this list with inside jokes and quotes from our games, and it made for a fantastic personal event manager that really engaged our whole group.

Well, as if I didn't have enough projects on the go, I've decided to make Factory Reset into a full-fledged web service. When the upgrades are complete, you'll be able to register your own group, invite your own players, and customize the whole experience to suit your group's personality. I'll have to charge for this service, as it costs money to run, but I want to make it as inexpensive as possible, so all gamers can benefit from it. Or perhaps I'll make it free, and lock the customizability options to a premium paid version.

This project and the Sudokun game both have the potential to generate some income for me, so both of these projects will be my priorities, as far as my personal projects are concerned.

If you like this Factory Reset idea, and want to learn when it becomes available, please send me an email at tristen@unrau.me.

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