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27 Sep 2018 - by: Jamie

It's been nine months since I last wrote in my blog, and a lot has happened. I'm going to write separate posts for the projects I've done recently, but right now I want to talk about my career.

I'm getting out of the web development business. This is partly because of where I live, and partly because of how my brain works.

Where I live:

The downtown core of Vancouver (British Columbia) seems to suck up all of the software businesses for the entire mainland province. I've worked downtown several times; the latest being for three months, and it is too much for me. I grew up on a farm, and I'm still a country kid at heart. It doesn't take long before the busyness and class disparity overwhelm me. I transform from being friendly, outgoing, and fun to being reserved, quiet, and isolated. I can't do it. I haven't been able to find a remote job, or a job outside of the downtown core, in the past three years of searching.

How my brain works:

I've done a lot of work on myself over the years trying to overcome my anxiety disorder. I'm a person who faces their fears head on, and I was raised with a strong work ethic. There came a point, however, where I realised that there must be a balance between pushing myself and accommodating myself. I've come a long way, but to continue trying things that aren't working for me, I have come to understand, is futile. If I want to be happy, I also need to adjust the way I live to accommodate the way my brain works. The feeling of being trapped is the biggest trigger for my anxiety, so I need a job where I'm not staring at the same four walls every day; month after month; year after year. I need variety in my tasks, I need to move around.

So, as you can tell from my previous blog posts, I have a lot of projects going. I often get bored of one, and switch to another, then switch back later. I have a lot of ideas, and choosing which to prioritise for a career shift has been difficult. When you distil all of my hobbies, they all come down to story telling and crafting. I have decided to direct my efforts in two different directions, to accommodate them both.

I'm going to finish my books. I have a trilogy of novels that I've been slowly working on since 2006. As of now, the world building is done, and the outlines are done, and I have about 10,000 words written. My goal is to complete my first draft by my birthday in March 2019. I also have some interesting web development ideas related to writing which I would love to pursue some day, but right now I have to stay focused and keep this on the shelf.

I'm also getting into the film industry. I'm working part time as a Production Assistant, and from here I'm hoping to get into either prop making or costume making. Or both! When I have no PA gigs going, I pay my bills by working shifts for Skip the Dishes, delivering food.

There you have it; that's what I'm up to these days. So far, this is working for me. I feel good about the future. Will I switch gears again? I guess I don't know, but what is life if not adapting to your changing world and your changing self?

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Jamie Unrau

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